Eric began his real estate career in 1998 and has approached it with a level of energy and passion that has propelled him in both the sales as well as leadership side of the business. An extreme focus on providing exceptional service has always been the basis for Eric’s success. As Team Leader his primary focus is to train and coach Real Estate professionals. But, he is also a talent scout constantly on the lookout for rising stars in the industry who want more. The real estate industry is a challenging one, today more than ever before. But, he thrives on that challenge.

Staying learning based at all times and always looking to get better and perfect his skills is what drives Eric. He believes highly in the power of focus and is constantly pushing himself toward self mastery. Through one on one coaching for the past 13 years he has gained the skills to help take others to the next level.
Business planning, accountability sessions and following specific plans of action are what Eric believes help his associates achieve the high levels of success they have and continue to do. Setting written goals and allowing someone else to hold you to a high standard of accomplishing them are what he attributes as the most important factors for the highest levels of success.

Eric’s passion for helping others reach their goals and dreams is what makes him jump out of bed each morning with an excitement for what he does. This is his passion and he’s ready to help anyone who simply wants more.