Decorating for The Holidays When Your Home is On The Market – Home Staging Tips with Melinda Potcher

Christmas StagingIf you were to ask 20 people if you should decorate and how much you should decorate, you may get 20 different answers…. because this is a highly subjective topic. As a Professional Home Stager and Design Consultant, I believe that less is more when you are trying to sell your home during the holiday season. Do I think you should enjoy the festivities? Absolutely. Do I think you should embrace your inner “Clark Griswald” and make your house outshine the neighbors on the block for most audacious? Not so much.

I love the way an evergreen garland looks and smells on a stairwell banister. However, let’s be honest – it is distracting from the true nature of the stairwell, it doesn’t convey in the sale of your home and potential purchasers may want to see what is underneath – what is the condition of the banister and other things that are covered by decorations?

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, we love our chile ristras, and they are considered seasonal and yes, year round decorations. Please apply my less is more principal if you will be decorating with chile ristras. They should be fresh, there should only be 1 or 2 on the exterior vigas around your entry or a chile wreath is also fine for the front door or front gate.

In my opinion, string lights, twinkle lights, chile lights – should not be hung, if your house is currently listed for sale with a Realtor and your intention is to SELL. If the Holidays are a REALLY BIG DEAL for you, consider taking the house off the market during the holiday season so you can enjoy all the decorations and festivities with your loved ones.

christmas_house from Realtor.comHaving said all these things, please reference the first line of this topic – everyone has a different opinion and I try to address each homeowner and each property with fresh eyes and what works for one house may be entirely different for the next property.

Best Advice? Trust your Realtor and your Home Stager to have your best interest and the expedient sale of your home in mind.

Melinda PotcherContributor; Melinda Potcher, Design Consultant & Staging Specialist

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