Fall Yard and Garden Tips in Albuquerque


It’s time for your fall yard and garden projects to begin. Prepare projects that will minimize costs on your spring repairs.

Plant your bulbs while the weather is mild and the ground remains unfrozen. A wide range of crops can be planted in this season which can give an abundant harvest before winter. Lettuce is an example of a crop that is best planted with a little cold. The cold maintains the crisp texture of lettuce. This is why the cold is also good for other greens. Carrots, turnips and beets also grow well in autumn and can be stored for winter consumption.

If you’re into designing your landscape for winter, garden shops are looking to get rid of inventory so watch the sales for shrubs and trees. It’s a great time to add new shrubs but get them started in the early Fall for the best success. But be sure to hold off on planting any evergreens till early Spring. Remember that this is not the time to relocate any established shrubs or trees. It is better to wait until Spring to move them.

Leaves are going to start falling soon. Collect them for mulch or start/build a compost bin. A quick tip for lots of leaves, try mowing the leaves with bagging mower. You will save yourself the backache of raking leaves and they will be chopped and ready for composting. Note that it is necessary to free perennial beds and grass lawns from leaves because this may cause crown rot and invites insects and fungi to your landscaping.

Lastly, when you’re all done with your fall gardening, give your gardening tools some care before putting them away for the winter. Clean and coat metal parts to prevent rusting. Add some linseed oil to tools with wooden parts to prevent them from drying and eventually cracking.

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