It’s Not Just About Women so Don’t Overlook your Garage – Home Staging Tips with Melinda Potcher

Staged Garage 2

Ok, I’m sure this one will cause some folks to raise their eyebrows, and I’m sticking by my convictions on this topic. If it is at all possible for you to stage your garage when you are getting your house ready to put on the market, I’m emphasizing it and declaring it important to receiving better offers and selling your home more quickly.

So your first question is probably; “How do you stage a garage? Do you want a pretty rug and a potted plant in there??” No, I’m not asking you to do that, but take into consideration the following suggestions in cleaning, organizing and presenting it as part of the package.

Step one. If you park your vehicles in the garage, move them out and everything inside the garage into the driveway. Take a critical look at the volume and space available. Before anything is moved back into the garage, look at the condition of the walls, floors and ceiling. Sweep the floors out, use a broom to remove any cobwebs from the walls, corners and ceiling. If it is a finished garage (dry-walled and painted) make sure any holes are patched. If the paint is in bad shape, a can of Kilz primer, ceiling paint or flat wall paint will go a long way. Replace any missing or burnt out light bulbs. Are there oil spots on the floor? Consider applying sand, kitty litter or dry cement to those areas to diminish the appearance of oil stains. If there are posters, signs, photos or other decorative items in the garage, take them down and pack them away.

Step two. Plan the available space on the floors and walls. Do you have existing storage shelving or cabinets in your garage – built-in or stand alone – like baker’s racks, etc? Assess the space available with the items needing to be stored. Bicycles can be hung on the wall or from the ceiling with specific bicycle storage hooks. Yard tools can be neatly hung on a mounted rack or specialty hooks on the wall.

Everything that can be stored in a covered bin should be and items returned to the garage shelving should be neatly organized and not stuffed or overcrowded. Lighter items placed up higher on the shelves, heavier items down low. Don’t have shelving or bins? If cost is a consideration, cardboard moving boxes are an inexpensive solution. Items can be packed, taped shut, labeled and stacked up against walls, not in the parking bays, neatly. Have too much stuff? Consider renting a storage unit or a “pod” to begin the process of moving your belongings out of the property.

Step Three. Show off your hard work – be sure and let your Realtor, neighbors, friends and family know that you have put in the effort to increase the value of your garage space. Be sure and keep up on sweeping out the space while the home is on the market and tending to any cobwebs, burnt out light bulbs and so on. Your efforts will be rewarded – words of wisdom to remember – the 3 points I discuss with my staging clients with houses to sell; It’s all about Price, Condition and Presentation!

Contributer: Melinda Potcher, Design Consultant and Staging Specialist with MAP Consultants LLC. Check out more before and after staging photos on her Melinda Potcher Pinterest site or her MAP Consultants Facebook site.

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