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Paint Colors When You Are Staging Your Home For Sale – Home Staging Tips by Melinda Potcher - The Southwest Life Real Estate Group | Keller Williams New Mexico


Paint Colors When You Are Staging Your Home For Sale – Home Staging Tips by Melinda Potcher

As much as I believe in custom paint colors and making your home your own, there are several schools of thought on what colors you can or should paint your home when it is for sale. I must admit, I have conflicting ideas of my own – it really just depends.

I do recommend you heed the advice and suggestions of your Realtor and your Professional Home Stager – if they say the color’s gotta go, it’s gotta go. After all, they only have your best interest at heart – they want the home to appeal to the largest pool of prospective purchasers as possible. Paint goes a long way in setting that stage appropriately.

First let’s talk about blah beige and white. They really do get a bad “rap”. I personally love crisp white walls, because then I have a blank canvas to decorate and stage your home with colorful furnishings, accessories and artwork. There are those that disagree with me and find white walls cold and dead. You will never please everyone – the good news is that paint is relatively inexpensive to change.

I want to share with you some eAgave Blue Homexamples of custom paint that works well, and custom paint that misses the mark, along with color trends for 2015. If your furnishings and décor compliment the custom paint, then I say; “go for it!” Here’s an example of a custom paint feature in a builder’s model I design consulted and staged;

Notice there is a blue/green paint on the fireplace wall, there is also matching blue/green tile at the fire box surround. The remaining walls are painted a deep cream (not quite white/not quite yellow) and how the staging furniture compliments the paint. This is an intentional and thoughtful design. Not everyone is going to like it, and whoever purchases this home may change it completely, but that’s just it – sometimes you have to take a chance, and sometimes you have to play it safe.

Agave Home Empty

Here’s that same room before the paint color change and furniture staging;

I’m not sure if you can see it well or not – but the walls are a Tuscan yellow, and the fireplace wall and surround is a sage green. The colors had just gone out of trend, and we needed a fresh color and perspective to market the property properly.

Ok, now what colors not to paint; I am against neon colors on walls when you are marketing a home for sale. That includes neon green, pink, orange, blue and yellow. Purple Dinosaur is also a color I would stay away from. You can certainly have any of these colors in picture frames, accessories, pillows, bedding and more! You can go bold with your wall color, but make sure it is tasteful, the execution and application of the painting looks professional and that it compliments your furniture and interior design overall.

Here’s a really bold statement that is also on trend and very fashionable and appealing, while remaining “neutral”;

Bold Gray Room Bold Navy Room

And here are several paint manufacturers color trends for 2015;

Melinda Potcher

Contributor; Melinda Potcher, Design Consultant & Staging Specialist

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