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Melinda Vacant ListingI can only speak to my experience in the Albuquerque Metro area over the past 5 years with vacant homes on the market vs. staged homes on the market. My answer is yes, and I have some examples to strengthen my opinion.

Example #1 One of my favorite Realtors called me and asked me to look at a vacant house on the market for sale and provide a staging proposal for his client who lived out of state. The home was in a desirable area of the Glenwood Hills/Foothills section of the NE Heights in Albuquerque. The home was in good condition, but looked forlorn and smelled a little stale after sitting empty for a year on the market with no offers. The homeowner accepted my proposal and I got to work staging the property with tasteful yet colorful furnishings, framed artwork and accessories. I also pushed before & after photos of the project out to my social media sites to generate additional traffic for the Realtor and Homeowner. The result was that the home was officially under contract within 3 weeks and sold and closed not long after the offer was accepted. You can see the before & after photos of this project on my pinterest board;

Example #2 A different favorite Realtor called me and asked me to meet him at a new listing and provide a staging proposal to the homeowner who was attempting a second time to list and sell his investment property close to the University (UNM). It sold in 34 days after I staged it. Here is his testimonial;


Relationship: Client

Project Date: October 2014

Project Price: $1,000-$9,999

I listed my house a year ago and had no offers, so after a few months I took it off the market. I listed it again in October – my new realtor urged me to get it staged. One person gave me a bid that seemed a little over the top for staging one room. Melinda came in with a much more reasonable bid for staging the whole house, which I had her do. She did a nice job and I close in a week so it appears her magic worked.

Many homeowners I’ve spoken with think they will try to save money by initially attempting to sell the home vacant for the first 30 days, and then if it does not sell, consider getting the home staged. I say, how long do you want to wait to sell? Are you really saving money by waiting? We are talking about most folks’ biggest investment here, their home. Wouldn’t you rather stage it, get professional photos on the MLS straight away and have a higher probability of selling within that first 30 days? What if you do wait and end up making another mortgage payment, receive some less than stellar feedback from potential purchasers about all the less than positive aspects of your home as they see it, allow the listing to become “stale” and receive less activity? It all really depends on your specific goals.

I could continue with additional examples of how staging the home vs. leaving it vacant will result in faster offers for more money, from just the past 6 months of my own personal experiences. Rather than beat my own drum, I will encourage you to talk with your Realtor about staging, get a staging professional or two (choose me please) to give you a proposal and decide for yourself.

For more examples of previously vacant homes I staged and how quickly they sold, feel free to browse my pinterest boards;

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