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Staging Vs. Decorating – Home Staging Tips from Melinda Potcher - The Southwest Life Real Estate Group | Keller Williams New Mexico


Staging Vs. Decorating – Home Staging Tips from Melinda Potcher

2117 Altez St NE-25What is the difference? Well, staging a house to get it ready to put on the market means that you de-personalize it and make it as attractive as you can to the largest pool of potential purchasers. Decorating a home means you personalize it to your own specific tastes, regardless of other styles or tastes because it is your house and you are living there and wish to be comfortable.

Example; I recently went on a Realtor’s Tour of about 8 houses listed for sale in the NE Heights of Albuquerque. The next to last house was adorably decorated – the owners had really customized it to their specific tastes by painting the cabinetry in the kitchens and bathrooms a deep taupe, painting the walls in the dining room an intense red, painting one wall in the master bedroom a chocolate brown and the opposing wall robin’s egg blue. The custom wood blinds and draperies were selected by the homeowner to allow them more privacy and were dark like the paint colors. The feedback that the other Realtors on tour and I gave to their listing agent was that the home was too specifically customized to appeal to a broad range of the current market. The paint colors needed to be lightened up and become more neutral so people could move right in after purchasing the home, without having to paint first.

Another perfect example I can share with you is that of a younger creative type who chose to remove the dated fronts of their kitchen cabinet doors and paint the interior of their shelving and cabinets a lime green. The exterior trim and sides of the cabinets were painted tangerine orange. Previously there had been worn linoleum and carpet on the floor which the homeowner chose to remove to expose the concrete slab as a decorative design statement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting your personal stamp on the home while you are living there, however, my suggestion to the creative type homeowner prior to listing the house for sale would have been to repaint the cabinets white or neutral light beige, replace the flooring with inexpensive new ceramic tile or carpet and widen the pool of people in the market for their particular home.

Today’s savvy millennial buyer wants a home styled in a widely accepted big box store way – think Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel. They want colorful yet tasteful furnishings and accessories that straddle a line between traditional and contemporary, and prefer functionality (think updates to flooring and kitchens and baths). They don’t want to have to paint, re-carpet or tile a home they are considering for purchase before they move in. Millennial buyers (people in their 30s) want the work done when they are looking at your MLS photos online – even before they make a decision to schedule a showing with their Realtor.

Melinda PotcherContributor; Melinda Potcher, Design Consultant & Staging Specialist

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