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Using Edibles and Aromatics in Staging – Home Staging Tips from Melinda Potcher - The Southwest Life Real Estate Group | Keller Williams New Mexico


Using Edibles and Aromatics in Staging – Home Staging Tips from Melinda Potcher

fruit box Using Edibles and Aromatics in Staging One of my favorite ways to stay in touch with local Realtors is to deliver them a “goody” every other month to their offices. In October, I brought them baby pumpkins and fresh organic pineapples in December. In February I will bring them a specialty blend of locally roasted coffee. You might ask what all these items have to do with me, a Design Consultant and Staging Specialist, and what they have to do with you, a homeowner getting ready to put their house on the market for sale.

The answer is; these items are used every day in interior design and can work for you if and when you are staging your home. It’s just another thing to consider – a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter or breakfast table certainly says “Welcome” to folks visiting and viewing your home for sale. The aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee at a Realtor Open House is very inviting and comforting to many people.

As warm and inviting as these edibles and aromatics can be there are also some cautionary words of advice from me to you – what scents and things to stay away from when your home is on the market for sale.

  • Overripe fruit or veggies out on the counter (think bananas especially) can have the opposite effect – a huge turnoff if a potential buyer smells methane or rotting food, or is swatting fruit flies out of their face throughout the tour of the kitchen.
  • Along similar lines, many people today are eating more healthily and using fresh produce in meal preparations. Be sure to empty your kitchen trash can before showings and open houses, especially if there are veggie peelings and other organic matter that could make an unpleasant smell.
  • If there is or has been a smoker in the property, you will want to contact a restoration company before you put your house on the market to have the home “remediated” for smoke damage. The majority of the buying pool whether smokers or not will find the smell offensive and tobacco smoke odors cannot be removed with run of the mill air fresheners.Candles-and-Reed-Diffusers-vs-Plugins-and-Sprays
  • Scented Oil Plug-ins, scented wax electric warmers – these scents in most cases are great if you like them while you are living in the home, but are extremely obnoxious if not harmful to people visiting your home when it is on the market. Many folks these days have chemical sensitivities and have a dramatic adverse reaction to plug-ins and scented oil. Additionally, melting wax warmers with scent are messy and distracting. If you need or want to use air fresheners while your home is on the market, consider;
    • glass jar scented candles or
    • conical solid air fresheners in a non-floral scent. Again, think about those comforting scents – coffee, vanilla, fresh fruit like oranges, and consider those if and when you use air fresheners in your home.
    • You may also consider getting a fabric spray that is unscented and/or an allergen free version.
    • An ionic air machine is also a better alternative for cleaning the air of any unwanted smells and not producing harmful reactions to those who are sensitive to smell.

For a variety of fresh edibles and aromatics to use in every day décor and consumption, or if your home is on the market in the Albuquerque Metro Area, check out my friend Carlos’ store “The Village Farmers Market” on Osuna across from Sandia Prep.

Melinda Potcher

Contributor; Melinda Potcher, Design Consultant & Staging Specialist

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