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Make A Referral - The Southwest Life Real Estate Group | Keller Williams New Mexico

Referral Network

Our Mission is Simple:

Give Your Referrals a 5 Star Experience

You and your clients deserve the best. We provide top level real estate experience along with great communication and a commitment to making each transaction as smooth as possible.
We value your trust in us and make sure your referrals get the best. In addition, we are committed to supporting you by promoting you to our referral network. That's a win-win-win for everyone.

18+ Years Combined Real Estate Experience

Deanna and Eric have been in real estate for over 17 years combined as licensed professionals. In addition to their personal real estate investment history, they offer the experience your clients deserve.

We Sell for More in Less Time

Unlike our competition, we take special care to ensure that your seller referrals hit the market with their best foot forward. Our top-notch property preparation program has resulted in a 98.62% Sold to List Price Ratio and an amazing 19 days on market average in 2017!

Military Veteran Who Knows Military Families

Eric retired from the USAF after 31 years and Deanna was an Army Brat and Military Wife her whole life. We know what your military referrals need to make a smooth transition to their next duty station.

2017 and Beyond - It's all about the numbers!

2017, was a great year with 42 transactions, $9 plus million in production and all of that attributed to a strong referral business with our referral partners and past clients. 2018 is set to be another banner year. Let us make your referrals part of that success story!

Continuous Skills Building

We believe that continuous education and improvement make us a better team for your referral. We are committed to Mastery Coaching so that we continue to grow. In addition, we serve as Productivity Coaches within our market center bringing what we know to our associates.

Multiple Specialties to Help Your Clients

In addition to your military referral needs we offer much more. Deanna was the top short sale agent in New Mexico. We also offer in depth experience with flip or hold investors, owner financing, senior transitions and more.

We Give Back to KW

Deanna serves as an ALC member, Finance Chair, Red Day Chair, KW Cares Coordinator, mentor, trainer and Productivity Coach. Eric works closely with the Growth Committee and serves as a mentor and Productivity Coach.

We Give Back to the Community

Deanna serves as an elected zoning commissioner for the Paradise Hills Special Zoning District. Eric is an ambassador for the Albuquerque West Chamber of Commerce and works closely with veterans throughout the state. Both Deanna and Eric support Paws and Stripes a local charity dedicated to providing service dog teams for PTSD vets.